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We have a number of individuals, team and organisational assessments to measure various competencies as per the need of your organisation. These are…

1. LeaderShape Emotional Intelligent Performance Accelerator (LEIPA). LEIPA is a powerful diagnostic tool used specifically to support an individual in identifying and developing their personal and relevant Leadership Skills by enhancing their Emotional Intelligence. LEIPA has one aim: To enable the improvement of the performance of individuals by first increasing their self-awareness and appreciation of how others see them, and then by identifying the inter-personal skills and behaviours that require development if excellence in leadership is to be attained. LEIPA uses 360° feedback (i.e. from Boss, Peers, Direct Reports and others), to provide an accurate assessment of the Emotional Intelligence of an individual (which includes: Self-awareness, Self-management, Awareness-of-others, and their Management-of-others) as perceived by the people he / she interfaces with in the workplace. It compares an individual’s self-perception of his/her own strengths and development areas with the perceptions of those around him/her.

2. Global Leader of the Future by Marshall Goldsmith. The Global Leader of the Future (GLOF) 360 assessment has been co-created by Marshall Goldsmith who has been recognized as World’s No. 1 Leadership Thinker by Harvard Business Review and Thinkers50. The assessment is specifically designed for leaders in a globalizing business environment and is based on in-depth research involving CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, 18 global thought leaders and 300 international business executives at 200 organizations of 120 multinationals on 6 continents. The GLOF measures the skills and competencies that today’s global leaders need to master and shows emerging leaders the areas they need to develop in order to succeed as effective leaders in a globalizing and competitive business environment. The GLOF describes 15 competencies grouped in 5 clusters that effective leaders in a globalizing business need to develop and master.

3. THE i4 NEUROLEADER Assessment tool. The i4 Neuroleader tool is a competency-based assessment derived from the i4 Neuroleader Model. The i4 Report displays the results of your self-evaluation as well as the outcome of the 360° Feedback. Created by leadership expert Silvia Damiano, the i4 Neuroleader is a personal leadership model that consists of 4 key competencies with 16 underpinning pillars. The model takes into account brain and body processes that have been relegated, and in many cases forgotten, when it comes to leadership and management practices. Abilities such as inspiration, intuition, imagination and the importance of an integrated brain, are what originated the term ‘i4’. By learning to access these innate abilities you will be able to unlock and engage untapped potential in both your personal and working life. In our view, the elements of this model are essential for anyone who wants to meet the challenging demands of the new era of work and lead successfully in the 21st Century.

4. Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI). Each of the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) types embodies a wide range of leader thought and belief patterns, values, attitudes and behavioral tendencies. In combination, the nine types, symbolize the universe of leadership potential that exists in any one individual. One reason we are all similar is all nine types operate in each of us. One reason we are all different, however, is that their proportion and balance (i.e., degree of “maturity” or “immaturity”) is different and constantly shifting. The nine types of the Enneagram reveal the full range of one's leadership assets and liabilities. The relative balance, however, of a leader’s type (as indicated by their “maturity ratios”) produces their distinctive psychological "fingerprint"—and while their predominant type (i.e., highest score combining both “mature” and “immature” scores) is most revealing and should remain relatively constant, it is the degree of overall development of each of their other types (as well as the associated balance or “maturity” of all nine types), that changes and evolves. Your objective as a leader is to:(1) optimize the mature elements of your predominant type; and (2) create paths to grow and mature in each of the other eight types that comprise your unique “fingerprint”. This is the essence of strengthening a leaders core.

6. John Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator. This report is based on the DISC methodology of human behavior. Dr. William Moulton Marston, while at Harvard University in the 1920’s, developed the DISC Theory while doing research for his book, The Emotions of Normal People. When his research was complete, the DISC Theory was formed into a validated and reliable assessment for personal and professional development. DISC is the methodology used in this report to help you identify four different dimensions of your design: Your Behavior Style, Your Communication Style, Your Strength Style, and Your Work Style.

7. LeaderShape Online Culture Survey (LOCS). The LOCS© survey identifies both the actual and ideal culture for your organization and the gap analysis created provides a practical blueprint for change. Through a facilitated process, the organizational change agents create a roadmap and action plan to shift climate and culture. It provides a sense-making framework to describe organizational culture using four domains of Power, Structure, Achievement and Support.


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