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About ‘LeaderShape Global’

LeaderShape is an organization specializing in practical leadership development that focuses on embedding behavioral change and the creation of a performance-enhancing culture through the generation of personal insights. Established in 2003, it has developed a pedigree in developing leadership capability in both the Public, Private, Charity and Social Enterprise sectors.
The LeaderShape philosophy is based on the conviction that learning occurs through personal insights and that particularly with senior, intelligent, experienced people, creating the conditions for these personal insights to occur is the best way of developing more effective and sophisticated leadership skills.

Radical, Ethical and Authentic Leadership for Today’s Transpersonal Leader

Only Transpersonal Leaders can successfully lead High-performing, ethical, caring, and sustainable organizations. 

Transpersonal leadership is about leadership excellence beyond the ego. Developing a future (vision, strategies, and decisions) that is in the best interests of all the stakeholders connected to the organization the leaders are responsible for. 

The values, attitudes and behaviors necessary to intrinsically motivate oneself and others so all have a genuine desire to: Serve others – and in so doing deriving purpose and meaning in life, establish an organizational culture whereby leaders have genuine care and concern together with appreciation and understanding for self and others (that is, all stakeholders), while having the will, energy, aspiration and sense of doing one’s best (excellence) to achieve the highest level of performance to fulfill the organization’s vision.

Learning Outcome

  • Identify and embed the behaviors that will lead to an ethically performing culture

  • Align the team around those behaviors with a common understanding and vocabulary to describe and model the behaviors

  • Reinforce why running an ethical business makes commercial sense

  • Lead the group to be able to develop the same behaviors in others

  • Take account of the geographic and culturally dispersed nature of the organization and competing time pressures.


  • Understanding Leadership needs for the 21st Century 

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence Behaviors & Leadership Styles 

  • Creating, Maintaining & Improving The Right Culture 

  • Assessments To Identify Areas For Development 

  • Learning To Manage The Ego 

  • Improving Judgement & Decision Making 

  • Bringing Values to Full Consciousness 

  • For the Greater Good & Greatest Performance