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‘COllective leadership’.

Leadership in navigating complex challenges depends on the capacity of a collective to catalyse and implement change for the common good. Based on 20 years of experience in making collaboration work and on sound scientific research, the Collective Leadership Institute’s methodologies…

Our interventions include:

  • Strengthen the collaboration skills of individuals and teams

  • Help build functioning stakeholder collaboration around an issue of common concern within and across organizations

  • Empower large groups of actors to address complex challenges jointly and build competence to transform systems towards sustainability.

  • The Collective Leadership Institute is a cutting-edge organization with deep expertise in bringing emerging paradigm leadership concepts to multi-stakeholder processes and to address complex challenges in collaboration.

Our core approach is building functioning collaboration ecosystems by creating a culture of collective leadership. Our methodologies, based on our Collective Leadership Compass, focus on invigorating human interaction and networks to drive transition processes and help plan, enact and assess collaborative change. They strengthen individual leadership, enhance the leadership capacity of a collective and shift organizations or systems of collaborating actors towards better co-creation.

  • Collaborative Execution Excellence helps you achieve business results by the implementation of a collaborative execution excellence system within your entire organization

  • The Art of Leading Collectively- helps you to keep your collaboration journey while navigating complex changes

  • The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration-build your strategic abilities and implementation skills in stakeholder engagement, dialogue, and collaboration processes for high-impact solutions.

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