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This workshop is a very effective and efficient process for leaders to grow themselves, their teams and achieve breakthrough results



This leadership team and development program has proven to be highly effective and resource efficient in supporting leaders with their leadership growth and improving team effectiveness at the same time.
This program ensures measurable leadership growth for the leader as well as for the team.


Who Is It For ?

Ideally suited for leaders who want to measurably change their individual and collective effectiveness as they lead and develop their teams, and at the same time achieve breakthrough results.


About Your Facilitator

Objectives of Program

  • Leveraging Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered process to enhance leadership & team effectiveness.

  • Understand the concept of TRIGGERS & how our environment shapes our behaviour and learn an integrated approach to change behaviour.

  • Creating buy-in from team members in their change as well as assessing their changeability.

  • Overcoming obstacles in change and creating a culture of continuous change, growth and improvement.

  • Implement a system for continuous leadership growth for themselves and the team as a whole.


This program has been curated by us specially for YOU !


The Modules in this workshop are

Any Change in results happens when we grow ourselves, grow our teams and learn to manage our environment.

Create Your Authentic Leadership Model-The Leader you want and need to be

Identify Your Leadership Growth Areas, Your Triggers and Create a Plan. This needs to be done by all your team members too!

Identify Your Teams Growth Areas,Team Triggers and Create a Plan

Learn and Implement a Process to Support Each other to Grow


Become the Person You Want to Be !

Design of The Program

  • Interactive and Blended Learning Approach

  • Pre-workshop interactive mailer & Webinar

  • Two days live workshop with Facilitator,

  • Pavan Bakshi

  • Post-workshop 90 days on-line content