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Building Leadership for The Imagination Age.  Neuro-Leader with

As we throttle towards the end of the second decade of this new millennium, we might reflect on where leadership models have evolved over the last century. Unlike the Industrial Age’s 150-year reign, the Information Age seems to have come and gone over 20-30 years. Now something new is brewing, something that is evoking different leadership models.

The i4 Neuro-leader Model. The i4 Model is a personal leadership model based on neurobiology and made up of four key organisational competencies and sixteen underpinning pillars. The model takes into account brain and body processes that have been relegated and, in many cases, forgotten when it comes to leadership and management practices. The model shows how a leader can develop their mental fitness to Perform, create the Collaboration framework to get the best from constantly changing groups, spark the Innovation required to determine where growth can occur and encourage the Agility to weave strategy and implementation together in interacting experiments of learning.

The High-Performance Neuro-leader. Performance fuels self-development so we can constantly expand our brain’s ability to create, find purpose, integrate our many lives, and live according to principles and purpose by which we believe we are called to live. With the rise in neuroscience and the recall of our thousands-year-old wisdom of what it takes to discipline our mind, we can now expect our leaders to be as mentally, physically and emotionally ready as we would an Olympic athlete.

The Collaborative Neuro-leader. Collaboration fuels coordination across our ever-changing boundaries, where authority to one fixed manager no longer applies to our ever-changing virtual teams, shifting functional lines and evolving supply chains, where we are all called to collaborate in the moment, rolling up our sleeves to think new thoughts and see new paradigms together. A new form of communication that transcends the ‘communicate the strategy down and gather the engagement survey results upwards’ is required.

The Innovative Neuro-leader. Innovation fuels strategy as ‘last year plus a bit’ is no longer sufficient to move us into a successful future. We need constant new ideas to respond to a world that is no longer just turbulent (the world after 2008). For a few years after 2008, we expected the world to return to a normal level of predictability, and when it didn’t, we had to revise the word turbulent to the word disruptive and accept that ‘disruptive’ was the new normal.

The Agile Neuro-leader. Agility that fuels execution in this new disruptive world forces us to learn a new way of implementing. Ironically, the armies of the world who taught us hundreds of years of command and control from the headquarters, are now teaching us what it takes to act with agility. The plan must constantly evolve as the awareness of requirements builds and then must be adapted to be deployed effectively at all levels. Influence up, down, across and diagonal must be used as the intelligence flows in all directions. Intuition from the gut must be trusted so that we are not overwhelmed by the over-abundance or absence of data.

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