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Our Mission:

Serve the nation, Grow more leaders


 Delivery Models. Conduct Live Classes, Live Webinars and Self Paced Workshops. 

About Prime PLUS

Prime PLUS learning and development methodology has been specially created by Pavan Bakshi to provide a scalable, cost-effective, time-efficient and implementation focused learning system.

PLUS stands for ‘Pavan’s Leaderccino Unified System’ and meets the requirement of the present era learners by unifying various existing learning and development methodologies. Prime PLUS hence is a unified learning methodology.

Leaderccino is a fresh brew of learning mixed with a zing of inspiration- just like a Cappuccino.

VARK. Visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.

Honey and Mumford's learning styles. Four types of learners: Activists- these people learn by doing, Reflectors- listen and observe & analytical and detail-oriented activities, Theorists- learn from models, concepts and facts, and Pragmatists- clear guidelines, and examples that they can copy.

Kolb’s learning cycle. Concrete Experience- Reflective Experience- Abstract Conceptualization- Active Experimentation.

Brain-Based AGES Model. Attention, Generation, Emotion and Spacing — a framework developed by Neuro-Leadership Institute.

Blended Learning. In-person live training followed by on-line e-learning.



  • Hosted on a professional cloud-based learning management system

  • Multiple modes of delivery, single or in combination (blended learning) ie facilitator-led live classes/facilitator-led online live classes/ self-paced classes followed by facilitator-led group classes / pure play self-paced classes

  • Multiple modes of access by participants (phones, laptops and desktops) for on-line live workshops and self-paced workshops.

  • Focused learning on one competency at a time.

  • 3-4 hours byte-sized time-efficient workshops with 15-30 minutes individual sessions enables efficient distraction-free learning

  • The workshops are highly experiential and use a combination of facilitation, coaching, learning exercises, case studies, delegate examples, and discussion sessions.

  • The application-based workshop which provides 3-4 tools per workshop for implementation in real life.

  • At the end of each workshop supports participants to create their 90-day action plans- thereby enabling further on-line group learning and review sessions.

  • Enables learning by all types of learners since workshop provides a holistic learning experience i.e. Visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic, individual reflections, group discussions, case studies and real-life experience

  • Enables immediate feedback on the effectiveness of learning i.e. Quiz test after each session.

  • Customized learning path can be designed based on the requirement of different groups by providing monthly half-day or full-day workshops.

  • The consistent quality of delivery with limited dependence on the quality and experience of facilitators.

  • Recorded facilitator training videos for each workshop and regular live video-based experience sharing discussions with all franchise facilitators.

  • Transcripts of all videos available in participant manual there enabling participants to focus on understanding and learning and NOT note-making.

  • All workshops designed by Pavan Bakshi an experienced facilitator and coach with 36 years of work experience.

basic workshops

  1.  Effective Time management                                        

  2. Overcoming Procrastination

  3. Effective Stress management

  4.  Improve Self-confidence

  5.  Motivation

  6.  Email etiquette

  7.  Telephone etiquette

  8.  Interview Skills

  9.  Workplace Civility

  10.  Creating your personal USP

advance workshopS

  1. Communication skills: Selling an idea

  2. Building influence

  3.  Problem-solving

  4.  Decision making

  5.  Setting Goals for Teams

  6.  Essential strategy

  7. Presentation Skills

  8. Meeting Skills

  9. Delegation

  10.  Conflict Management

  11. Recruiting Skills

  12. Managing Small Projects

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