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About ‘LeaderShape Global’

LeaderShape is an organization specializing in practical leadership development that focuses on embedding behavioral change and the creation of a performance-enhancing culture through the generation of personal insights. Established in 2003, it has developed a pedigree in developing leadership capability in both the Public, Private, Charity and Social Enterprise sectors.

The LeaderShape philosophy is based on the conviction that learning occurs through personal insights and that particularly with senior, intelligent, experienced people, creating the conditions for these personal insights to occur is the best way of developing more effective and sophisticated leadership skills. 

  • Building Robust Emotional Intelligence Leadership To Create a Performance Enhancing Culture

  • Leadership Emotional Intelligence Performance Accelerator Assessment

Robust Emotional Intelligence Leadership.
Transformational Leadership for Building a Performance Enhancing Culture

This program will harness the business and technical skills leaders have already developed to produce increased capability in leadership, enabling higher performance in themselves and the people around them.

Each program takes leaders through a practical journey of discovery using evidenced-based research that links emotional intelligence, culture theory and neuroscience.

They will learn new behaviors that will enable their people to perform at a higher level of effectiveness, create a performance-enhancing culture and improve the overall performance of the company. It will, in turn, raise the productivity of the whole organization – often by much more than a similar investment in capital or by employing more people.

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate a greater understanding of EI & how it can positively impact the performance of a leader and the people around him/her.

  • More effectively manage their own emotions and behaviors.

  • Improve various leadership style skills and be able to determine which leadership style they should use in particular circumstances.

  • Use new EI skills and leadership styles to influence required changes in the climate and culture of their organization.

  • Use a coaching leadership style to apply coaching skills to drive people development, performance, and culture.


Pre-work, Online Module, and Self-Assessment.

Live Modules :

Module 1: Leadership in the 21st Century: Raising Self Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and Inspirational Leadership

  • This session provokes learning and reflection on the changing demands of employees and the business environment in a fast-changing world and why this demands that we take a different attitude to leadership as a consequence.

  • An introduction to Emotional Intelligence and how this breaks down into competencies related to Awareness and Management of Self and Others. 

  • The participants learn to enhance their emotional self-awareness and self-control.

  • How to become an Inspirational Leader

Module 2: Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles 

  • The module aims to create an understanding of how the capabilities which underlie these competencies can combine to characterize different leadership styles.

  • Participants start to improve self-awareness by identifying EI strengths and development areas and also their natural leadership styles and which styles they might wish to work on. 

  • We also discuss when, where and how to use different styles.

Module 3: Shaping Culture - Creating a Performance Enhancing Culture 

  • We explain the relationship between leadership, climate and culture and the characteristics of a performance-enhancing culture.

  • Participants engage in an exercise to identify the actual and ideal culture of the organization and then consider the role of the leader and the individual in developing a performance-enhancing culture.

  • This session looks at the basics behind coaching, how to develop skills for everyday use and how it can be used effectively in line management. 

  • Applicable to any situation, attendees learn to use a simple coaching model to develop awareness, responsibility, and results!

Module 4. 90-day SMART Action Plan

Three Post Workshop On-Line ALIVE Modules & Three Group Coaching Calls

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Performance Accelerator 360º feedback Accelerates the performance of leaders by building Emotional Intelligence and leadership capability

  • LEIPA® provides a precise, defined plan for behavioral change, tailored to the individual’s role within your organization. The process ensures a rounded view from both self-perception and colleagues, focusing on Emotional Intelligence and leadership styles.

  • Using best practice in a 360º format, LEIPA® identifies and compares the individual’s habitual leadership styles to those which will have the greatest positive impact.

  • Specific behaviors to change, producing significant performance improvement are pinpointed, delivering a framework for action.

Key Features

  • Uniquely correlates EI competencies against the most important leadership styles for the circumstances

  • Developed from the proven Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Style Framework (Goleman Boyatzis 2001)

  • Objective focus on observed against desired behaviors within the organization, backed by verbatim comments

  • Not reliant on ‘norms’, LEIPA® is culturally neutral, so it can be used across any organization or geography.

  • Creates a specific action plan for immediate and future development

  • An online tool that is easy to set up, manage and deliver

Benefits for your leaders

  • Clear, contextual information creates a positive commitment to change

  • Provides practical ways to develop new habits and flex their leadership style range

  • Increases confidence, strengths, relationships and improves engagement

  • Deeper understanding of their environment and how to influence it

  • Becomes an integral part of a personal development plan

Benefits for your organization

  • Commitment to make real changes required to deliver improved performance

  • Opens up communications

  • Involvement, collaboration and awareness grows in boards, teams and groups

  • More effective leadership drives sustained improvement and builds a culture that delivers a return on investment