collective leadership institute

The Collective Leadership Institute is a cutting-edge organization with deep expertise in bringing emerging paradigm leadership concepts to multi-stakeholder processes and projects in support of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Signature Programs

The Art of Leading Collectively

  • This course will help you to implement more outcome-oriented and constructive co-creation on a day-to-day basis for yourself, your team, your organisation, and your change initiative with diverse stakeholders.
  •  It equips dedicated change makers in the public and private sector, as well as civil society organisations, with a tool for better co-creation.


  • Know how to prepare for your collaboration journey
  • Assess where you are, define what is present and what is missing
  • Map the path, adjust strategies, and know what to shift, to strengthen, or to focus on
  • Convince colleagues and partners that leading collectively will ease the management of complex change
  • Take the content of the book ‘The Art of Leading Collectively’ into the practice of outcome-oriented and constructive co-creation

The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Stakeholder Collaboration has been recognized as critical to finding solutions to the complex challenges of sustainable development. Stakeholder Dialogues are a methodology for  implementing consultative cooperation. 
  • Builds your strategic abilities, implementation skills in stakeholder engagement, dialogue & collaboration processes for high-impact solutions. 


  • Learn how to successfully implement stakeholder collaboration through the application of the Dialogic Change Model
  • Understand the business case for co-creative stakeholder engagement
  • Learn how collective intelligence, commitment, and ownership can emerge
  • Produce a stakeholder network map to prioritise engagement activities
  • Develop new engagement strategies to minimise unproductive conflict and a methodology to create sustainable partnerships

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