Neuroleader Program to Build Brain Friendly Leaders, Teams & Organisation Culture

It is only logical to now include the brain in our Leadership models. We need to develop the human behind the leader, and teach strategies that can minimize stress, anxiety and depression, among others that can affect productivity and engagement.
The i4 Model is a personal leadership and wellbeing model based on neurobiology and made up of four key organisational competencies and sixteen underpinning pillars.

The i4 Neuroleader Program

  • One Year Access to i4 Neuroleader Platform
  • One Pre-program and Post-program 128 item assessment to measure the 4 competencies and sixteen pillars
  • On-line i4 Neuroleader program, learning resources and workbook, 
  • One Year membership to Brain Friendly Channel and Make Me a Leader Documentary
  • Live Coaching Calls- Optional
360 degree Assessment

Self Paced Neuroleader Program
Workbook and Exercises 

Brain Friendly Channel and Documentary

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