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We have a clear purpose; to create a movement, reaching as many people around the world, to develop Transpersonal Leaders who operate beyond the ego. We believe this will result in better performing, sustainable organizations that are more caring, productive and exciting places to be. 

Signature Programs

Leading through Emotional Intelligence
Senior/Mid Level Leaders

Inspirational Leadership , Emotional Intelligent Leadership Style, Shaping  Performance Enhancing Culture

Leading through Ethical Intelligence
Senior/Experienced  Leaders

The 8 competencies of Ethical Leadership, Choices for the Greater Good, Personal Consciousness and Self Determination

Developing Women Leaders
Mid Level Women Leaders

Women better 21st Century Leaders, Emotional Intelligence Competencies, 12 Habits make Women Rise 

                Leader as a               Coach
Senior/Mid Level Leaders

Why Leaders as a coach, Emotional Intelligence competencies, Applying the GROW Model

Transpersonal Leadership

Senior and Experienced Leaders

A 3 month journey- Bringing values to full consciousness and leading beyond the ego.

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